real estate agency RESID in Cap d’Agde

Terms and conditions : rental cap d agde real estate agency RESID

Specific rental clauses
1st clause - Each entry form must include the name and address of the person who will be responsible for the leased property and the names and surnames of each future occupant with their respective age. No registration certificate may be transferred or transmitted without the agreement of the agency.
The agency reserves the right to cancel the registration form if the occupants are not the ones foreseen at the registration. It also reserves the right to check at any time the identity of the reserver or the occupants and to cancel the registration contract without compensation if the occupants are not those mentioned in the registration form.

2nd clause - The tenant must use the premises placed at his disposal in "good father of family". The agency will have the possibility to cancel the contract of registration 24 hours after a formal notice notified to the tenant against receipt in the following cases :
• If the dwelling is occupied by a greater number of persons than the one on the registration form;
• If the occupants are the subject of complaints from the neighborhood for noises or violations of the co-ownership rules or the internal regulations of the residence or for any degradation of common spaces.

Office hours
Off season: Monday to Friday: 9 am / 12 pm - 2 pm / 6 pm
In season: daily - 9 am / 7 pm

Please send your personal mail to :
    M. Name / firstname
    Residence name of the residence
    Resid'B.P. 857
General conditions for renting an apartment
• Our prices include: hot and cold water, electricity, gas (except winter season).
• They do not include: the tourist local tax and the departure household.

• We require a deposit of 300 € + 60 € on arrival. We will return it to you upon departure, less any sums due for breakage or damage.
• We ask you to present any complaints within 24 hours of the receipt of the keys.

• Regardless of the date of cancellation, 24.00 € of application fees remain vested.
• 30 days before the start of your stay: 50% of the total amount of the rental.
• 10 days before: 90%.
• No show: 100%.

Your stay
• Arrival from 5 pm until 7 pm. Departure before 10 am.
• The number of people in each apartment can’t exceed the number indicated on the description.

• With your reservation request, you attach the payment of your deposit, 25% of the amount.
• The balance 30 days before the arrival.
The reservation of an apartment implies adherence to the general conditions.

Cancellation insurance : see below.
For 22.00 € PRESERVE your holiday budget
The decision of the place of destination and accommodation often takes place well in advance; In the meantime, many events can occur, preventing you from going to the holiday locations:
Hospitalization, dismissal, transfer, serious illness, death of one of your loved ones …
The deposit or the totality of the rental paid will not be unfortunately refunded to you.

DE BELEM covers the consequences of these events and it is also the assurance to plan in all serenity the progress of your holidays :

• In case of interruption of your stay, you will be reimbursed for the unexpired period.
• You have rental liability insurance for property damage caused by fire, explosion, and water damage.
Cancellation of stay due to:
Serious illness, accident, death, damage to the home, dismissal, transfer, dams, strikes.
Deposit + balance within the limit of 15 000 €
Interruption / Late stay due to :
Serious illness, death, damage to the home, unavailability of the premises.
Rent not incurred within the limit of 15 000 €
Tenant's liability
• Damage due to fire, explosion, water damage.
• Damage to movable and immovable property belonging to the owner of the leased property.
• Within the limit of € 1,500,000
• Up to € 2,300 with a deductible of € 45
Search and Rescue :
In the mountains or at sea, empowered organization.
• Up to € 20,000 / event
Assistance and Repatriation :
Individual accident, death or PPI.
Reimbursement of medical expenses.
Emergency funeral expenses.
Legal assistance costs.
10 000 € / person
5 000 € / person
1 000 € / person
5 000 € / person